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Here we answer your Frequently Asked Questions, so that you might better understand what it is we do.

Effective Enclosure Shielding and Grounding


Until now, I've only ever used EMI Gaskets with metal springs. Could you tell me if there are any other easy-to-use (general purpose) gaskets out there?

The CGC Gasket is a soft gasket with a sponge core covered by conductive fabric. More flexible than metal gaskets, and can be cut with scissors to any desired length. Form-fitting to provide maximum surface contact. Choose from three attachment methods: adhesive tape, clip, and dart.

PRODUCTS » Shield Foam CGC

For FG reinforcement, I want a gasket that is cut to fit the shape around I/O connector area.

We can die-cut gaskets to maximum of the following dimensions [W:50mm × H:5mm L:300mm](Square Type only).

PRODUCTS » Shield Foam(Die-cutting)

Shielding control panels is always a very arduous job. Is there any way for me to simplify this task?

Conductive Masking Tape is a masking and conductive metallic foil all-in-one tape. We took the traditional compound construction and unified it into one piece.

PRODUCTS » Conductive Masking Tape

The surface of my enclosure is not perfectly smooth, so rigid foil tape won't adhere completely. Is there a shielding tape that is made of a softer material?

Conductive Fabric Tape offers flexibility that can't be found with foil tape. It conforms to the shape of what you apply it to so as not to result in a "point contact" situation that is often the case with metallic materials. The large contact area helps keep resistance low, and makes it useful for so much more, like wire harness shielding.

PRODUCTS » Conductive Fabric Tape

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I'm using a soft gasket now, but sometimes I wish I had a size that was just 1 mm bigger (or smaller). It would be nice if you offered a wide assortment of sizes.

For Square Type gaskets, we can mass produce more than a hundred sizes ranging from [3mm × 0.5mm]to[20mm × 20mm].

PRODUCTS » Shield Foam

I'm currently using soft gaskets. Could you tell me if there is a type that is made to be slid in diagonally (or from the side)?

In addition to Square Type gaskets, we also have 4 variant sizes as well: L Type, D Type, P Type, and N Type. We also have CGC (Z) dart type gaskets that do not require tape.

PRODUCTS » Shield Foam (Variant Type) Dart

I would like to use a soft gasket to seal the 30mm wide gap in my enclosure. I looked at your size chart, but didn't see anything that would fit that size. Could I have you make me a soft gasket that big?

We have Square Type gaskets in sizes as large as [W:20mm × H:50mm] available by special order.

PRODUCTS » Shield Foam (Size Customizations)

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I would like to use a small gasket no longer than 10mm, but dealing with double-sided tape and installing gaskets seems like a lot of trouble. Do you have anything in your product line that would make installation a little easier?

For Square Type Shield Foam only, we offer kiss-cut delivery. This not only facilitates installation, but also makes it easy to count at a glance.

PRODUCTS » Shield Foam (Cut Finishing)

I'm using soft gaskets now, but for my next application, normal tape doesn't provide adequate top-to-bottom conductivity. Could you recommend another solution?

Adhesive tape for Square Type gaskets can be customized especially to meet your needs, i.e. substitute tape for conductive tape, alternate tape placement and tape width, etc.

PRODUCTS » Shield foam (Adhesive Tape Customizations)

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