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Web Shop is redesigned!!


  • Factory direct-sales Web Shop is redesigned and available.
  • Shop name: Zippertubing (Japan) Online Shop
  • URL:http://store.ztj.co.jp
  • Best to urgent requirement or buy small quantity for the test at design phase.
  • Available for home DIY.
  • We add many build-to-order products to our product line.
  • We accept payment by credit card(VISA, MASTER, and DINERS) for easy shopping.

  • Ship all orders freight free
  • When we get your order until 10am and we have products on hand, we can ship them on the same day.
  • (Shipping date may change into next day or later depend on payment method.)
  • We need two or three days until we ship build-to-order products.
  • We look forward to receiving your order.
  • International shipping is not available at this point.

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