ZSK-BF/ZSK-BFE(Woven-in Ground Wire Type) RoHS10 PMC Free Heat Resistant Flexible Halogen Free

Product Overview

  • Wide aramid fi ber core
  • Best for large-gauge wiring applications
  • Diameter can be increased 2.5 to 3 fold


ZSK-HFE(Woven-in Ground Wire Type)

Item Name ZSK-BF / ZSK-BFE
Standard Length 100m
Braided Wire Material Core : Aramidfi ber
Tin-plated soft copper foil
Wire diameter : 0.27mm
Color Silver
Operating Temperature -15 ~ +120℃



Part No. Compatible Diameter (φ) Product Width
ZSK-25BF / ZSK-25BFE 15~40 22
ZSK-30BF / ZSK-30BFE 17~46 25
ZSK-40BF / ZSK-40BFE 20~54 30

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