ZA Sleeve (Abrasion-Resistant type) RoHS10 PMC Free Heat Resistant Flexible Halogen Free Wear Resistance

Product Overview

ZA Sleeve (Abrasion-Resistant type)

  • Added better abrasion-resistance to existing products through braiding polyester mono filament and 6Nylon mono filament.
  • Short cut with non-fray processing is available.
  • Custom size are also available
  • Protection for in-vehicle hose(fuel/oil) and standard harness
Item name ZA Sleeve(Abrasion-Resistant Type)
Braded Wire Material polyester mono filament and 6Nylon mono filament
Color Black
Operating Temperature -70℃~ +125℃


Part No Width(mm) Compatible Diameter(φ) Standard length(m)
Z-0909A 9 7~10 100
Z-1209A 12 8~11
Z-1410A 14 10~15
Z-2108A 19 20~30
Z-2808A 28 35~45

※There may be a linkage section somewhere within the standard length.
Maximum 2 linkages are within 100M, 3linkages within 150M and 200M.

Test Data

Result of JASO D608 Abrasion of Cables for Automobiles

Item name Abrasion resistance
ZA Sleeve(Abrasion-Resistant Type) 1550
Z Sleeve(Standard Type) 360

※The values above are measured values, and are not guaranteed.

【Test Condition】

  • Load 450g
  • Abrasive tape #240G(Abrasive grain : G /garnet) w25×1200mm endless belt
  • Abrasive tape speed :1500mm/min
  • Sample fixing axis :Φ15 AL pipe

【Test Method】

  • Install appropriate length specimen over a Φ16 AL pipe and set to the abrasion testing machine.
  • Move abrasion tape #240G at 1500mm/min until AL pipe and conductive part of the machine get conducted.Measure abrasion tape length moved to get conducted. 
  • Measure each specimen 8 times and calculate average value.
  • Abrasion resistance value is the average value of the below average data.

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