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Product Overview


  • Superb transmittance and high shielding performance
  • Easy to Die-cut to specifi c measurements
  • Combined processes such as the addition of adhesive backing or back paneling are possible
  • Cost-eff ective Lamination techniques give you value for your money
Item Name Shield Window FilmSWF
Total thickness 135μm
Mesh density #132
Wire diameter 30
Light Transmittance 60%<
Shielding eff ectiveness (KEC method) 54.5dB (10MHz)
54.6dB (500MHz)



Example Part No.

□ : Panel material quality P : Polycarbonate A : Acrylic
○ : Panel material thickness
※ : Product Size (mm)

●Shield Window Film
SWF 132075 ( ※※※×※※※)
●Shield Window Filmwith adhesive backing
SWFT 132075 ( ※※※×※※※)
〈Combined Process (1)〉
●Shield Window Film with back panel applied
SWFB 132075 □○ (※※※×※※※)
〈Combined Process (2)〉

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