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Conductive Tape

Low VOCHalogen freeFlame ResistanceUL510ROHSDK020FR
Flame ResistanceUL510ROHSDK201FR
Low VOCHalogen freeFlame ResistanceROHSDK340WFR

DK020FR / DK201FR / DK340WFR

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Product Features

  • ▼ Superb softness and fl exibility.
  • ▼ Molds to fi t the shape of the application. Has a wide range of uses, from harness shielding to gaps on an enclosure.
  • ▼ Safer to work with than metal foil tape.
  • ▼ Halogen free based on IEC61249-2-21
  • ▼ UL 510FR certifi ed ( No. E175833)

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Product Overview

Item Name DK020FR DK201FR DK340WFR
Standard Length 50m Approx.
Conductive Fubric Material Polyester cloth (Cu+Ni plated)+Urethane coating Modacrylic fi ber (Cu+Ni plated) Polyester Unwoven cloth (Cu+Ni plated)
Thickness 90μm 240μm 35μm
Surface Resistivity 0.08Ω/□> 0.3Ω/□> 0.1Ω/□>
Adhesive Material Non-halogen, low VOC Conductive acrylic adhesive Conductive acrylic adhesive Non-halogen, low VOC Conductive acrylic adhesive
Color Metallic gray
Total Thickness 155μm±25 250μm±30 65μm±15
*There may be a linkage section somewhere within the standard length.
*Example Part No. DK020FR-10 W=10mm of DK020FR
*Available in widths from 6mm to 950mm, selectable in 1mm increments.

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Conductive Film Tape and Conductive Fabric Tape Comparison Chart

  Item Name Strength Flame Resistance Wear Resistance TOP-to-bottom conductivity Halogen free Low VOC Dust emissions Tracking Workability adhesion Surface Resistivity(base material)
Conductive Fabric Tape DK020FR       0.08> 155±25
DK201FR             0.30> 250±30
Conductive FilmTape DF707AFR             0.06> 55±10
DF707BFR             0.06> 60±10
DF707CFR           0.09> 48±7
Conductive Double-faced tape DK340WFR   ○*     65±15
Conductive AL Film Tape DK410FR           0.03> 85±10

* Not UL Registered

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